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Brekke Dance Center Website

Website Design & Development in PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

Cythral has provided on-going webmaster support for Brekke Dance Center since September 2014. Services provided include website design, development, hosting, maintenance and SEO. OpenDKIM and SPF records have also been setup to circumvent email fraud. The website is secured with a TLS certificate and is HTTP2 and IPv6 capable. It is developed and hosted using our open-source content management system, Phroses, which sits on top of a LAMP stack. Key features of this website include a registration system and schedule viewer. SEO efforts have put it in the top 10 Google results for phrases "Dance Studios in Des Moines" and "Dance Studios in Grimes".

Brekke Dance Center was founded in 1986 under the name Paula Brekke School of Dance as a sole proprietorship, with only one instructor, Paula Brekke. We offered ballet, jazz, tap, and tumbling with one dance studio in Des Moines, Iowa. Several years later they started competing, and were known for their jazz and tumbling. When dancers announced their name on the stage of a competition they added "and tumbling" leading to their first name change: Paula Brekke School of Dance and tumbling: PBSODAT! When Matthew Brekke graduated from college in 2007, they changed the name again to accommodate Matt into the now family run business: Brekke Dance Center, LLC. Both of Paula's adult children work for this organization, Lizz doing music editing and teaching tumbling, and Matthew in charge of all dance teams. They have studios in both Des Moines and Grimes, Iowa.

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