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Recharge Computers Website

Website Design & Development using PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

We provided webmaster support to Recharge Computers from August 2017 to August 2018. Services provided include website design, development, hosting, maintenance and SEO. The website is secured with an SSL certificate, and was HTTP2 and IPv6 capable. It was developed and hosted using our open-source content management system, Phroses, which sits on top of a LAMP stack.

Recharge Computers was a small business in Des Moines, Iowa that focuses on technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance and sales for technology. There are three great steps to service with Recharge Computers: great technical support, troubleshooting and finding solutions. These needs are met by finding the problem through great communication and listening, then running though some problem solving techniques to solve the issue and last finding the solution, no matter what it may be even if it means knowing they can't assist but finding the immediate solution to what can. Whether its online order or a better part if they cant help, its free.

Recharge Computers was bought out in August 2018. Before being bought out, the website was located at

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